Engineering Haptic Devices contains 15 chapters, 573 pages and 352 illustrations – it would be a great wonder if all of this is without mistakes and errors…
Therefore we are happy if you could drop us a line about any error encountered in the book at or just post a comment on this page. We will publish all technically relevant errors on this page and store all feedback for the next edition… ­čśë

Known errata

Chapter 2
  • In the paragraph about object compliance (page 60, sect. we made a mistake in transferring values from the original sources in the last sentence. In [202], compliances of about 242 N/cm are reported as rigid, which naturally is 24.2 kN/m and NOT 2.42 N/m.
Chapter 9
  • Captions of Fig. 9.69 and 9.70 are changed vice versa mistakenly

One thought on “Errata”

  1. In the paragraph about Spatial Distribution of Mechanoreceptors (sect., page 34) the percentages of the four types of mechanoreceptors should not add up to 130%. I believe that you meant to write that about 30% of nerve endings in the fingertips are Merkel disks, not 60%.

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