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Interactions with Rotary Switches

Dr. Kühner and the Measurement Setup of Hochschule Heilbronn

Rotary elements are very versatile and often used elements in Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI). Since they are very common in automotive applications, a lot of studies were made by or in cooperation with automotive manufacturers (see for example Reisinger (2009), Reisinger et al. (2006) or Anuguelov (2009)). In the last year, Manuel Kühner published his dissertation “Haptische Unterscheidbarkeit mechanischer Parameter bei rotatorischen Bedienelementen” as addition to the existing studies.

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Games you can feel on GooglePlay

Since a couple of days, Google features selected Android games with haptic feedback in an own category in the GooglePlayStore. Games are based on Immersion’s TouchSense® Engage haptic technology to add tactile effects to mobile games.

UPDATE: There is also an app by Immersion called Haptic Effect Preview that gives a good preview of the TouchSense Haptic Effects library. Be sure to check, whether your device includes the hardware needed in the app – it will work also with other devices, but the quality of the feedback will decrease.

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Welcome to this webpage accompanying the book “Engineering Haptic Devices”.  The book is available in print and online from Springer since September 2014.

On this page, you will find additional information about the different topics of the book , information about haptics-related conferences and other interesting stuff regarding haptics. Just have a look at the categories on the left side.
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