Motors for tactile applications

The selection of a suitable motor for a (vibro-)tactile application can be tiresome because of the variety of componentes and the mostly quite minimalistic datasheets. However, there are exeptions…

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Precision Microdrives is one of the manufacturers of motors for vibrotactile applications – and one of the exeptions. They do not only offer a large variety of motors in different technologies (ERM – eccentric rotating mass, LRA – linear resonant actuator), but also useful data sheets and a couple of interesting application notes, covering topics from lifetime calculations up to rapid prototyping with the Arduino platform.

If you haven’t worked with different actuation technology before, the Haptic Evaluation Kit is probably an useful invest – it provides several motor types in a convenient package driven by the Texas Instruments DRV2605, a specialized driver for haptic actuators including the Immersion TouchSense Libraries.

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This is not an advertisement post, it is a personal opinion of the author and solely intended as an information to developers that has to be evaluated in the development task’s context. There is no connection to Precision Microdrives, TI or Immersion in the context of this post.

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