Interactions with Rotary Switches

Dr. Kühner and the Measurement Setup of Hochschule Heilbronn

Rotary elements are very versatile and often used elements in Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI). Since they are very common in automotive applications, a lot of studies were made by or in cooperation with automotive manufacturers (see for example Reisinger (2009), Reisinger et al. (2006) or Anuguelov (2009)). In the last year, Manuel Kühner published his dissertation “Haptische Unterscheidbarkeit mechanischer Parameter bei rotatorischen Bedienelementen” as addition to the existing studies.

In the dissertation, Dr. Kühner conducted three experiments. Experiment 1 was designed to test the transfer of laboratory tests of psychophysical parameters to more demanding situations. The results imply, that experimental data from lab tests can be assumed to be valid in more realistic settings, too. Secondary results from this experiment assure tangential forces as relevant measures (instead of torque) for the perception of rotary elements and find a masking effect of detents on the damping parameter of the rotary element.

Example result of Experiment 2

In the second experiment, the effect of position and pose of the element is investigated. The results imply a constant haptic performance, i.e. no effect of the position of the rotary element compared to the user. Therefore, measures of perception can be taken from similar experiments in different poses of the element.

In the third experiment, masking effects between different mechanical characteristics like inertia, damping and friction are investigated. These effects can be assured in general and should be considered in future experimental designs. The parameter combinations resulting in masking effects are however unusual for common automotive applications.

The work can be downloaded at the website, which also features additional content. As with many works in this field known to the author, the languague of the complete work is German. However, with the basic description of the experiments above, the main results can probably be obtained from the graphics of the dissertatiton. Additionally, Dr. Kühner is working on publication of the results in English language.

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