Actuator Conference

Despite the haptics-specific conferences, there are a couple of conferenes with at least haptic-specific sessions. Especially for the design of task-specific haptic systems, the bi-annual ACTUATOR conference in Bremen, Germany, is one of them.


Main topic of the conference are different actuation principles for  various applications – one of them tactile/haptic. Therefore you will find a lot of contributions dealing with the application of new or seldom used actuation principles like magneto-rheological-fluids (MRF), as presented this year for the use in an automotive control knob. Normally, all contributions will not only focus on the actuator alone, but also on the required control strategies and performance. (An exemption is the paper I worked on, where we introduced a new safety concept for haptic interfaces).

Another speciality or the conference is the proximity to industry. A lot of the contributions are at least co-authored from industry people and the trade exhibition taking place simuotaneously (or vice versa…) will show new products from a lot of manufacturers.

Therefore, ACTUATOR conference should be a conference worth thinking of for you, if you work on actuation systems or want to get an insight into modern actuation principles possibly applicable to task-specific haptic systems. Normally, the conference is in close temporal proximity to the Eurohaptics Conference, so you can plan on attend both…

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