IMG_1783 (Medium)We’re are very excited, since “Engineering Haptic Devices”¬† is available now. In some rounds with the Springer Production Team and the Series Editors, we were able to sort out a couple of wrong and misleading things.
You can order the book directly at the Springer Website or at every bookstore using the ISBN 978-1-4471-6517-0. Of course, the book will be available as an eBook via Springerlink.

Although we did our best to get everything right, there are probably some mistakes still left in the book. If you encounter one of them, we’d be happy if you could drop us a line at — we will have an errata page on this blog.

We really hope that this book will alleviate your work with haptic systems and bring this exciting technology to more and more people! Find out more about the contents and intention of the book here.

Christian Hatzfeld and Thorsten A. Kern (Editors)

PS: Of course we are interested in a wide-spread use of this book and a thorough discussion of the contents in research and industry. If you want to contribute to this with a book review – Springer offers a free review copy that you can order directly on their website (see above). We’d be happy to incorporate a link to or the complete review itself on this website.

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