Eurohaptics 2014

Venue of the 2014 Eurohaptics Conference
Venue of the 2014 Eurohaptics Conference

Eurohaptics 2014 took place in Versaille, organized by Vincent Hayward from UPMC in Paris. As always, it was a very familiar atmosphere with lots of interesting talks, posters and demos.

From a personal point of view, many topics were developed further in the contributions of this conference, but no “breathtaking” new results were shown. This does not abridge the presented results, I personally was very delighted about the good statistical analysis in almost all contributions, the constant questioning of the applicability of the results and the presentation of a lot of experiments, that did not confirm the initial hypothesis. If I had to summarize the Conference in only a few points, it would be the following:

  • Texture and Object Properties are one of the most challenging topics, at least when counting the contributions addressing these topics.
  • There are more and more ASICs for the integration of haptics in different devices. These are commercially available (There will be some information about companies in later posts) and allow the easy integration of haptic feedback in different applications.
  • You probably have to add a 3D-Printer to your laboratory equipment…

Also interesting was the – in my personal opinion – larger attendance of industry representatives. While some came to present new products, many representatives were looking for possible technologies for new applications.

The proceedings will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Science (link will follow) and we’ll probably point out some relevant results of the conference in a later post (Edit: We did that in this post.). I’d like to end this post with a citation of the conference chair at the banquet dinner (written down from memory)

You should bring all your friends to work in the area of haptics, since there should be a lot more people working on this exciting and important topic.
Vincent Hayward

I think, there is nothing more to add.

PS: Well, only one thing regarding the book: Springer was able to provide a pre-print of the book for all attendees to look at. And some people actually did it!

Preprint at the Springer booth

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